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Alexander Anderson x Enrico Maxwell community

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Welcome to a place dedicated to Alexander Anderson x Enrico Maxwell, from Hellsing manga.

Any stuff related to this pairing (Fanarts, fanfics, doujinshis, icons, etc) are welcomed!.

Enjoy!! ^_^.

As in all the communities, here are some rules to follow, too:

R U L E S .

• You must be fan or like Anderson x Maxwell pairing.
• Do not post stuff about another pairing related to Maxwell or Anderson. This community is ONLY for Anderson x Maxwell.
• Don't flame / bashing about this pairing, please.
• Please, hide the stuff under the LJ cut.

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It's the first community I create, so please, be patient if I don't do it well XD; I'll thanks if you help me :).

Some things are still under construction...

Greetings anubismito